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Mission Statement

“My mission is Helping Families Stay Together by helping men reverse the cycle of infidelity, giving them the tools to achieve this. This includes setting the best example for our young men and raising the bar for our young ladies regarding God’s Standard in relationships.”

Kevin Toney-Award Winning Pianist, Speaker and Author

Seminars and Workshops

+Super Glue Your Love Relationship – Grow And Stay Together

Super Glue Your Love Relationship – Grow And Stay Together

Description: This workshop is a revolutionary new way to see and shape love relationships. Kevin shares how to use life-changing practical and spiritual resources through his personal experiences that will help create a healthy love relationship. This session will examine how faith, trust and love will form the “SUPER GLUE “ to help keep your relationship from becoming separated when facing life’s storms. Illustrations are given on how creating new things and experiences together in your marriage journey will keep it rewarding, exciting and fulfilling! Practical and spiritual tools are given to help reinforce the strength a man and a woman must have to keep their love to their mate unbreakable. Whether you’re in a good marriage and want to make it better or you’re in a marriage that needs healing, Kevin presents tips on how to strengthen your bond and grow your relationship. Main Topics include:

  1. Become One
  2. Let No One Separate
  3. When A Separation Has Taken Place
  4. Grow and Stay Together
  5. Creating New Things

This is an interactive workshop for men and women.

+THE VIRTUOUS MAN- Breaking The Men's Code
Helping men to break the cycle of infidelity/cheating, giving them the tools to achieve this!

THE VIRTUOUS MAN- Breaking The Men’s Code

Description: Helping men to break the cycle of infidelity/cheating, giving them the tools to achieve this. Learn how Kevin Toney – music star and founding member of the hit group The Blackbyrds – almost Lost His Marriage…yet was able to Salvage It with Godly Principles!

Kevin Toney helps you discover how to:

  • Identify and recognize the “Men’s Codes”
  • Understand why using the “Code” is harmful and hurting others
  • Get help using spiritual and practical tools
  • Break the “Code”

The Men’s Code is any reason, rational and denial that a man uses to have emotional and sexual relations with someone other than his wife. They are misconceptions learned from an early age and help create baggage that men struggle with and bring into their marriages.

Kevin Toney draws on his inspiring real-life story to show you how to:

  • Work at reconciliation
  • Think and maintain the right thoughts toward your wife and family
  • Embrace and use God’s Code
  • Identify resources that will help grow and sustain new beginnings in your marriage

Speaking Event Videos

Thought development and tools to teach young men God's standards in their relationships with females


Description: Thought development and tools to teach young men God’s standards in their relationships with females. They will learn that “How you treat your girlfriend and other significant women in your life is extremely important, and is the training ground for your future marriage.”

Kevin Toney helps young men discover how to:

  • Develop respect and a healthy loving attitude toward females
  • Develop and practice good communication skills
  • Properly treat their girlfriend

Kevin Toney draws on his inspiring real-life story to teach young men:

  • Misconceptions About Having Good Relationships
  • How to identify and reject the “Men’s Code”
  • To watch who and what influences you
  • What God’s Standards are for male-female relationships
  • 7 Keys to a great and lasting relationship

Speaking Event Videos


  • Average keynote presentation length: 60-90 minutes
  • Workshops available as half day or whole day events (contact us for details)
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Previous Speaking Events

Speaking Event Videos
  • Praise The Lord-TBN-Performer (International Broadcast) September 2009
  • Centerpoint Church (Murrieta, CA) December 2011
  • Windsor Hills Christian Bookstore (Los Angeles, CA) January 2012
  • Phi Beta Sigma Leadership Conference (Memphis, TN) January 2012
  • The Journey Church (Sonora, CA) March 2012
  • Phi Beta Sigma Western Conference (Oakland, CA) March 2012
  • Phi Beta Sigma Southeastern Region (Myrtle Beach, SC) March 2012
  • Holman United Methodist Church (Los Angeles, CA) June 2012
  • Heal Thyself – Workshop (Los Angeles, CA) August 2012
  • Dysonna City Art Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) October 2012
  • Youth Leadership Conference October 2012 (University of Southern California)
  • Hearts Of Fire Conference (Atlanta, GA) December 2012
  • Nu Way Christian Ministries (San Diego, CA) December 2012
  • UNCF Book Signing (Hollywood, CA) January 2013
  • Crystal Cathedral/Hour Of Power (Garden Grove, CA) February 2013
  • Concerned Black Men Of Los Angeles – Welcome To Manhood (March 2013)
  • Women n Power International Ministries 10th Anniversary  (June 2013)
  • South Bay Community Church (Fremont, CA) August 2013
  • Plymouth United Church Of Christ (Detroit, MI) September 2013
  • Youth Leadership Conference 2013 (University of Southern California)
  • “Calling All Men” (CSU Dominguez Hills, CA) October 2013
  • Phi Beta Sigma Western Regional Conference Collegiate Luncheon (April 2014)