Kings Of The Evening
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Music by Kevin Toney, Released July 2012
Kings Of The Evening Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
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Original soundtrack to the 2010 motion picture composed by Kevin Toney. Kings Of The Evening is an inspirational story about an ex-convict (Tyson Beckford) in Depression-era America trying to turn his life around. He finds a kinship with four strangers as they find hope, dignity and a chance at a new life. Each finds comfort with the other and a sense of hope on Sunday nights when the men of the neighborhood piece together their finest attire to compete in an unusual contest. The winner goes home with not just the five-dollar prize, but something priceless the chance to feel like a king, if just for an evening.

Award winning composer/pianist and author Kevin Toney’s intriguing score covers a wide range of styles on this outstanding collection that include ragtime, boogie-woogie piano pieces, blues, and New Orleans small band to orchestral compositions. Kevin captures and keeps true to the film’s period moods with sensitivity, depth in composition and mastery of various musical idioms.

Special Bonus Track!  Kevin performs a modern reinterpretation of Scott Joplin’s classic masterpiece “The Entertainer” from the same musical style era as the soundtrack.

Track Listing:

1. Homer’s Theme (3:30)

2. Fashion Night (1:09)

3. Social Hall 3 (1:11)

4. Bugs (0:25)

5. Social Hall 4 (1:04)

6. Winners (1:41)

7. Lookin’ Good Henry (1:16)

8. Pennies and Cement (2:19)

9. Stole Some Tires (1:23)

10. Boxing (1:22)

11. Sweetheart (2:16)

12. Social Hall 6 (1:17)

13. Lucy’s Theme (2:29)

14. Fire (0:39)

15. Quittin’ Time (feat. John Austin Hughes & Art Evans) (1:15)

16. The Box (3:20)

17. I’m Not Even Here (3:15)

18. Clarence Hangs Himself (3:50)

19. Got Me a Man (feat. Yvette Cason) (1:03)

20. Finest Fabric (5:51)

21. Don’t Y’all Look Grand (1:04)

22. Struttin’ (1:42)

23. I’m the King (2:25)

24. Mr. Crump (1:21)

25. Sizzling Hot (3:07)

26. The Entertainer (7:01) {Bonus Track}

Musicians: Kevin Toney: Piano, synthesizers and programming, Art Evans: Harmonica Tetsuya Nakamura: Harmonica, Rahmlee Davis: Trumpet, Mark Hollingsworth: Flute, John Austin: guitar, Victor Orlando: percussion, Yvette Cason: vocals (Love Me A Man). Cincinnati Playhouse ‘Ain’t MisBehavin’ band (1993) for “Sweetheart” and “Sizzling Hot