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Mission Statement

“Helping Families Grow and Stay Together Through Faithfulness In Relationships.”

Kevin Toney-Award Winning Pianist, Speaker and Author

Kevin’s Testimony

15 years ago I was seriously facing divorce because of my unfaithfulness and cheating on my wife. By God’s standard and man’s standard, my wife had every right to divorce me. But by the grace of God that did not happen. During that time, I had brought deeply into the “Men’s Code” and found myself at a point where I was about to loose everything. The Men’s Code is any reason or rational a man uses to have emotional and sexual relationships outside his marriage or committed relationship.

My miracle is that God was able to bring me out of infidelity and saved my marriage of then 25 years. With the help of God’s word, counseling and several years of ‘doing the work of change’, I was able to break the “Code”. Now my wife and I are celebrating 39 years of marriage this year.

I’ve written a book The Virtuous Man -Breaking The Men’s Code that tells the story of how I “got it together.” I‘m humbled and delighted that today, God uses our marriage as a living example of how He can take what is broken and restore it. A broken man and a broken marriage!

I’m now delighted to share these life changing steps with other couples who want to grow their love relationship. My book, “Super Glue Your Love Relationship”, reveals the how my wife and I have since rebounded, bonded and are now soaring to new heights in our marriage together. This book will bless and help you whether you’re in a good relationship, or one that needs healing.

Speaking Testimonials

“Mr. Kevin Toney has taken his experiences of life, array of talents, challenges and tremendous opportunities to inspire thousands of individuals throughout the U.S. over the past few years in attendance of our programs.”

Dr. James C. Rodríguez, CEO & President Fathers & Families Coalition of America


“On behalf of all the participants at the December 16, 2016 So Cal Women’s Health Conference and Expo we want to express our appreciation for your energetic and motivational presentation. Your involvement made the conference a smashing success!!”

– Lena L. Kennedy, CEO/Founder – So Cal Women’s Health Conference and Expo


“Your uplifting message provided welcome encouragement to all in attendance. Your inspiring presentation has helped to model positive character in the ranks of our Fraternity.”

– Jimmy Hammock – 33rd International President of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.


“Thank you for sharing your testimony and teaching tools with us at our “Calling All Men” Conference. It was a pleasure to have you with us, and workshop attendees were inspired and encouraged by your presentation.’

– Rev. Dr. Arnetha Inge, Senior Pastor at Compton United Methodist Church


“Thank you so much for presenting at our Annual Parent Involvement Academy.  Your workshop entitled “What Every Parent Should Teach Their Son” provided beneficial information for parents to increase their parenting skills.”

– Sandra Ybanez, Parent Involvement Academy


Seminars and Workshops

+Super Glue Your Love Relationship – Grow And Stay Together

Super Glue Your Love Relationship – Grow And Stay Together

Description: This workshop is a revolutionary new way to see and shape love relationships. Kevin shares how to use life-changing practical and spiritual resources through his personal experiences that will help create a healthy love relationship. This session will examine how faith, trust and love will form the “SUPER GLUE “ to help keep your relationship from becoming separated when facing life’s storms. Illustrations are given on how creating new things and experiences together in your marriage journey will keep it rewarding, exciting and fulfilling! Practical and spiritual tools are given to help reinforce the strength a man and a woman must have to keep their love to their mate unbreakable. Whether you’re in a good marriage and want to make it better or you’re in a marriage that needs healing, Kevin presents tips on how to strengthen your bond and grow your relationship. Main Topics include:

  1. Become One
  2. Let No One Separate
  3. When A Separation Has Taken Place
  4. Grow and Stay Together
  5. Creating New Things

This is an interactive workshop for men and women.

+The Fast & Furious Man – An Adventure In Relationships

This session will examine why men are fast and furious when it comes to cars, sports, pleasure, women and money. Kevin will reveal steps on how men can become fast and furious in their marriage and family relationships. This workshop will take participants through the adventure men can take in experiencing an exciting, loving and rewarding marriage. Session will focus on new and meaningful ways men can grow together in their relationships. Kevin will give insight into the thrill of why men cheat on their spouses and think this behavior is okay. Men will be empowered with practical and spiritual tools to help them become fast and furious in staying on track in their love relationships! This will be an interactive workshop for men that will incorporate a mix of live music and a fun.


This workshop will help give young men practical and spiritual tools to have healthy relationships with females. Session will help young men understand why male and female relationships are the core fabric of society and why it’s imperative to have healthy attitudes and behaviors toward them.
Young Men will learn;

  1.  That Having Self-Esteem Is The Beginning Of Healthy Relationships With Females
  2. To Avoid Negative Stereotypes For Females.
  3. To Be Aware Of How You Look And Carry Yourself
  4. Present Yourself To Females With Positive, Respectful And Caring Behavior
  5. That Their Relationship With Their Girlfriend Is The Training Ground For Your Future Marriage

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This workshop is designed to help give parents practical and spiritual tools to help and prepare theirs sons to win in his journey of life and marriage. Your son will encounter some of his biggest fires through relationships with females. Into his adult life it will be those from his marriage. These flames manifest themselves as misunderstandings, misconceptions, disagreements, lack of effective communication, arguments, fights and fine looking women! In many cases this leads to separation and from separation comes infidelity. Then the inferno of divorce and devastation is likely to threaten the relationship. What’s left is a broken marriage and family. This session will also reveal “What Every Parent Should Teach Their Sons Regarding Male and Female Relationships.”

3 Key Points:


+THE VIRTUOUS MAN- Breaking The Men's Code
Helping men to break the cycle of infidelity/cheating, giving them the tools to achieve this!

THE VIRTUOUS MAN- Breaking The Men’s Code

Description: Helping men to break the cycle of infidelity/cheating, giving them the tools to achieve this. Learn how Kevin Toney – music star and founding member of the hit group The Blackbyrds – almost Lost His Marriage…yet was able to Salvage It with Godly Principles!

Kevin Toney helps you discover how to:

  • Identify and recognize the “Men’s Codes”
  • Understand why using the “Code” is harmful and hurting others
  • Get help using spiritual and practical tools
  • Break the “Code”

The Men’s Code is any reason, rational and denial that a man uses to have emotional and sexual relations with someone other than his wife. They are misconceptions learned from an early age and help create baggage that men struggle with and bring into their marriages.

Kevin Toney draws on his inspiring real-life story to show you how to:

  • Work at reconciliation
  • Think and maintain the right thoughts toward your wife and family
  • Embrace and use God’s Code
  • Identify resources that will help grow and sustain new beginnings in your marriage

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+The Life Of A Responsible Husband – Beyond The Basics

Workshop explores how being a good husband is much more than providing the basics. There is more to being a responsible husband than taking care of your children, paying bills, having a roof over your families heads, and providing food and clothing.
Kevin Toney gives you tools to:

  • Work At Being A Godly Husband
  • Work At Loving Your Wife More Fully
  • Works At Spending Quality Time With Wife
  • Works At Being Faithful To His Wife


Description: Steps and tools for those in a broken marriage (rooted from infidelity) to restore their marriage. Learn how Kevin Toney – music star and founding member of the legendary group The Blackbyrds – almost lost His Marriage…yet was able to Salvage It with Godly Principles! Kevin shares how God brought him out of infidelity to saving his marriage of 25+ years and in the process broke the “Code.” Now he and his wife have been married for 34 years and are an example of how God can work miracles!

Kevin Toney will help you:

  • Understand that cheating is just as abusive as physical abuse to your spouse Identify the “Men’s Codes” and how they ‘kill” your marriage
  • Turn your thoughts and behaviors around
  • Establish effective communication
  • Understand “God’s Code” for marriage and how to practice it daily
  • Identify tools for remaining faithful in marriage

Kevin Toney will share seven major steps for restoring a broken marriage from infidelity

  • Recognize and understand the hurt and pain you’ve caused to your spouse, family and most importantly God
  • Seek forgiveness and be willing to do the work of repentance
  • Get practical help: Commit to attend counseling together
  • Get spiritual help: Study God’s word, worship and pray together
  • Reconciliation: Right anyone that you’ve wronged as a result of your behavior
  • Allow your spouse, family and yourself whatever time needed to heal
  • Begin a season of making new choices and making new changes


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  • So Cal Women’s Health Conference – Pasadena, CA
  • Calling All Men Conference” (CSU Dominguez Hills, CA)
  • United Negro College Fund-Keynote (Hollywood, CA)
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  • Liberty Christian School – Argyle, Texas
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  • Las Vegas Center for spiritual Living
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  • Center point Church (Murrieta, CA)
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  • Price Chapel AME Church – Los Angeles, CA