Super Glue Your Love Relationship With Forward by Dr. Willie Jolley

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Super Glue Your Love Relationship by Kevin Toney is a revolutionary new way to see and shape love relationships. Kevin shares how to use this life-changing book full of practical and spiritual resources that will help create a healthy love relationship.  This book reveals how faith,

trust and love form the Super Glue ingredients to bond and grow your relationship so that nothing can separate it. Kevin shares tips on how to become ‘one” with your mate and the benefits of creating new things and experiences together in your marriage journey. This book is a powerful

resource to help married and unmarried committed couples attain and sustain love in their relationship.

Kevin Toney has walked this delicate walk, sharing lessons learned from 37 years of marriage. Those experiences include how God brought Kevin out of infidelity into a loving and dedicated marriage, and those lessons can help others to improve their marriages and relationships. Inside the pages of “Super Glue Your Love Relationship,” Kevin shares tips on how he and his wife re-bonded, rebounded and relearned how to nurture a strong, loving and trusting relationship.

Also included in this writing are interviews, tips and passages from other people enjoying successful marriages that reveal how they keep it all together. Kevin Toney’s book is a stunning revelation – a manual for couples that have gone through trials and tribulations that focuses on the power tools necessary to make a marriage succeed.

“I strongly recommend reading Kevin Toney’s “Super Glue Your Love Relationship” then sharing it. You will be glad you did!’

Dr. Willie Jolley – Hall of Fame Speaker, Best Selling Author of A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback and host of America’s Top Rated Motivation Show on Sirius XM

“Love is not just a word…Love is not just an emotion… Love is deeper as a commitment that is given as a gift. Kevin Toney captures the elements of reinforcing the strength a man and a woman must have to keep their love to their spouse unbreakable. I believe this is a powerful book that will heal couples to be the best lovers in their relationship as possible.”

– James C. Rodríguez, CEO & President Fathers & Families Coalition of America


“Grammy nominated musician, Kevin Toney, presents powerful, pertinent and God-inspired information designed to help grow and bond your love relationship. Good for married and unmarried couples!”

– Vivian Berryhill, President, Founder National Coalition of Pastors’ Spouses


“No matter where or what level your love relationship is at, this book will help you soar to new unimagined heights!”

Lena Kennedy, Founder and Conference Director of the Southern California Women’s Health Conference & Expo


This book provides a great opportunity for you and your friends to start the conversation on how to have a better love relationship!”

– William E. Stanley, 28th International President of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.


An Awesome, life-changing book full of practical and spiritual resources that will help create a healthy love relationship.”

– Bishop Dr. Inetta Jenkins, Founder, Power International Ministries


“This is a resourceful book, with practical and spiritual ingredients for developing and maintaining a healthy relationship.” – Rev. Dr. Arnetha Inge, Senior Pastor at Compton United Methodist Church


“This is an excellent resource filled with practical sense wisdom on how to protect preserve and solidify the marriage union.  The principles applied will create deeper intimacy, trust and unity within the marriage relationship.” – Nick Bravo, Founder Dream Builders Inc.


Super Glue Your Love Relationship -Table of Contents

  • Foreword 11
  • Acknowledgments 15
  • Preface 17
  • Introduction 19
  • What Is This Stuff Made Of? 23
  • Become One 33
  • Let No One Separate It 41
  • Protect Your Family 55
  • When A Separation Has Taken Place 65
  • Creating New Things Together 91
  • Grow Together 107
  • Stay Together 117
  • Our Words 137
  • With Action! 147
  • Coda 161 Postlude 163
  • Resources and Notes 165


As a young boy growing up in Detroit Michigan, I have fond memories of putting model cars together. I’d take the plastic parts out of the box, read the instructions and glue it together. When parts would break on the model cars, I would get some more glue and put it back together. The next day it would be like new again!

In today’s world, we have a much more powerful glue. Used to fix and bond just about anything. It’s advertised that a 1-square-inch bond can hold more than a ton. That’s pretty powerful stuff! Things like wood, strong metals, and other tough materials bond in a permanent fashion when super glue is applied to its surfaces.

This got me thinking: what if we could use a form of super glue on our love relationships? A glue that was so strong that it could keep our relationships and family from becoming separated. It would hold no matter what challenges, trials or obstacles arose. There would be no more separations, divorces or family break ups!

Statistics show that 50% of marriages end up in divorce. This means that half of all love relationships are in need of something to keep their relationships from separating. Consider this: is your love relationship in the 50% club heading toward divorce or is it in the 50% club that will stay together? Even if your love relationship is going well, a dab of relationship super glue here and there will not only ward off potential separation, but can bring yours into new levels of joy, happiness an fulfillment!

As a founding member of the groundbreaking band “THE BLACKBYRDS,” we had an unbreakable bond. When we created hit songs like “Walking In Rhythm,” “Rock Creek Park” and “Happy Music,” the “super glue”-bonding bonding agent was our love of music and the desire to be the best!

Yes, our love relationship as a band was with our music. It was powerful and kept us together for seven years. As time passed, the storms of the music industry fell upon the group and that bond became broken. Some of the band members, including myself, would go separate ways. This type of separation occurs in love relationships too. Whether married or unmarried in a committed relationship, what is joined together can become separated.

Scriptures tell us…

“For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be

United to his wife, and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

—Mark 10:7-9 (NIV)

A man and a woman are united together to become one in their love relationship known as marriage. So how do you keep your relationship from becoming separated? Is there super glue available to ensure that God’s command can be met? Unfortunately, we cannot simply go to the hardware store and buy the strongest super glue and use it. However there are ingredients that everyone can use to create their very own special batch of super glue; one that will bond your love relationship in powerful, breathtaking ways, beyond your imaginations and dreams.

I was blessed to interview some people who have had either long successful love relationships or have great insight to share from their experiences. Their words are sprinkled throughout this book to further enlighten you. I have also taken thoughts from various spiritual and professional leaders that give amazing insight on this topic as well.

Let’s begin the journey of discovery! June 1, 2016