The Virtuous Man

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The Virtuous Man-Breaking The Men’s Code

A “How To” book for helping men break the cycle of giving in to sexual temptation and infidelity, providing the tools they need to achieve this. Book addresses misconceptions (“Men’s Code”) that men have learned from an early age regarding marriage and family, the baggage that men often bring into their marriages and their struggle in letting go of them. Kevin shares how God brought him out of infidelity to saving his marriage of 25+ years and in the process broke the “Code”.

The book is also a guide for men to search God’s word in order to learn “God’s code” for themselves and practice it daily. Included is a study section which will richly serve both men and women, married and unmarried.

Kevin Toney, award winning, musician composer and author speaks about
his new book The Virtuous Man – Breaking The Men’s Code.

Dr. Willie Jolley and Kevin Toney

Dr. Willie Jolley and Kevin Toney, Part 1

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Dr. Willie Jolley and Kevin Toney, Part 2

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Dr. Willie Jolley and Kevin Toney, Part 3

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The Virtuous Man is the inspiring true story of Kevin Toney, a gifted musician, and his quest for success. He shares how he embraced a destructive manner of behavior practiced by men toward women – what he calls the “Men’s Code”.

Kevin’s story begins at age eight, growing up in Detroit, Michigan, where he was introduced to the “Code” through his own father. Other various experiences that further shaped his attitude and relationships with women are also highlighted. His story continues through his college years and subsequent successes in the music and entertainment industry. It was through these times that the “Code” was solidified, later almost destroying his family.

During his marriage he had infidelities, as he couldn’t break completely from the code. Then one day after twenty-five years of marriage, his wife confronted him with an affair he was having and his life then crashed. Kevin says ” I tried to find alibis but found that God was the only thing that could get me through this. A friend introduced me to God, and said, “You need God.” My relationship with God saved my marriage and broke the “Men’s Code”.

The “Men’s Code,” is a mode of conduct and thought that teaches men to believe that it’s okay to disrespect women, to treat them only as physical objects, and to have relationships outside of the marriage. This book reveals the process, the spiritual tools and practical tools that the author used to help break the “code” and save his marriage. Kevin states, “By all human and worldly standards, my marriage should have failed and fallen apart like so many others have experienced. Only through God’s words and miracles am I standing stronger than ever with my wife and family here today. Learn the story!

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Praise for The Virtuous Man

“The Virtuous Man is a book for men to learn and know what God requires of them in marriage.”

– Mike Yorkey
Co-author of the Every Man’s Battle series

“A practical biblical based book for any man who desires to live his marriage as God directs.”

– Clifton Davis
Host of Trinity Broadcast Network’s “Praise The Lord”, Actor, Singer, Songwriter and Minister

“The Virtuous Man is a straight-from-the-heart book full of practical wisdom and personal testimony of victory in one of life’s most crucial areas.”

– Ronn Elmore
Psy.D – Author, How to Love a Man, How To Love A Women

“Kevin Toney is a world class musician and composer who has learned well the formula for creating hit music, yet during his journey through life he was living with a formula for life that was leading to the destruction of his marriage and his family. He discovered how to “Break the Men’s Code” and in the process he saved his marriage and his family. Learn the incredible steps he used to “Break The Men’s Code” and how he used Biblical Principles to create a hit life!!!! A must read for every couple who struggle with infidelity!”

– Willie Jolley
Award Winning Speaker and Media Host and Best Selling Author of “A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback” and “Turn Setbacks Into Greenbacks”

“Thumbs up for Kevin Toney’s transparency, humbleness and honesty to want to share his bold testimony. The Virtuous Man will inspire all married men who are hiding from their dark secrets to come into the light of honesty and self realization.”

– Keith Leon
Speaker and Best-Selling Author of, Who Do You Think You Are? Discover The Purpose Of Your Life

“This book gets you into the mind of a backsliden and broken man who was able to turn his life around through God’s love, grace and mercy.”

– Yochanan Marcellino
President, City of Peace Media & Films, Nashville, Tennessee

“The virtuous man is a step-by-step application of how to break the ‘man code’ of sin and condemnation.  A must read for every man and woman…bond or free.”

-Laval W. Belle
Author of Your Gifts Are Not Your Purpose and Love In All the Wrong Faces

Kevin Toney is an award-winning pianist, composer, recording artist, and author who wrote this book from his personal life experience. The Virtuous Man addresses the misconceptions (“Men’s Code”) that men have learned from an early age. From our nations highest leaders, top sports figures, entertainers, spiritual leaders to men from all walks of life, millions are allowing this erroneous behavior to destroy their marriages. Kevin affirms,” It is my mission to give hope and encouragement to men who have lost their commitment, connection and purpose in their marriages, and help bring them back to their wives and families.” This book may save your marriage, learn the story!