Sweet Spot

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(Released 2003)

Track Listing

  1. Mister T
  2. Sweet Spot
  3. Midnight Blue
  4. Dilemma (featuring Paul Jackson Jr.)
  5. So Much Fun
  6. Coast To Coast (featuring Pamela Williams)
  7. Morning Rain (featuring Lamont Van Hook)
  8. Better Than Ever
  9. Nu “M” Jaz
  10. Kiss
  11. See You Again
  12. Prelude To Portrait
  13. Portrait Of You

Personnel: Kevin Toney: piano, synthesizers, drum programming, Pamela Williams: soprano sax, Robert Turner: synthesizers and programming, Todd Hunter: synth vibes solo, Paul Jackson Jr & Craig T. Cooper: guitars, Aaron Mills, Mel Brown, Ernest Tibbs, Victor Bailey: bass, Kevin O’Neal: acoustic bass, Rayford Griffin & Cory Mason Drums: drums, Mike smith: percussion, Gordan Campbell: drum programming, Lamont Van Hook: lead and background vocals, Lisa Vaughn: vocals